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The essence of the content transmitted through short videos up to 5 minutes long,
filled with testimonials from senior executives, in-depth articles, exercises and
simulations with instant feedback

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content available for your team?
High quality

The videos, exercises and simulations with instant feedback create a rich learning experience for your team

Adapted to your

Excellent adaptation to participants' busy schedules, allowing everyone to access the content at their own pace

Larger scale at reduced

Reach more people at lower cost. Can be combined with synchronous meetings to multiply the impact

Flexibility of

Our content is accessible via the Ventus platform, or it can be transferred to your platform

What our clients say about our e-Learning

Excelent course

The online course itself was excellent! I think it was the best online course I've ever done.

Well structured

The e-learning is very well structured, The content is structured in a way that is very easy to understand and learn!


Ventus’s online material was great, it was the part that surprised me the most, I didn’t get tired when studying it.

Interactive and action-oriented

The online course brings a complex theme, delivered in a light way, by being well organized, interactive and action-oriented. Testimonials are great and the methodology is excellent. Congratulations!

Rich material

The e-learning material is very rich. I enjoyed applying the concepts to real cases.

It caught my attention

The format caught and held my attention, testimonials from top executives were also an important point to connect what was being learned with the expectations...
Transform your business,
accelerate your career

Exploring innovative solutions and making decisions based on facts and data

The problem-solving method presented is a step-by-step approach that helps solve any kind of problem, from identifying a problem to...

What is strategic thinking and how can I act more strategically? This course presents practical tips for the participant to exercise...

Is it possible to increase my capacity for innovation? Research indicates that the ability to innovate is a skill you can learn, it's...

Mobilizing the organization

What is the point of having the perfect solution if you are not able to convince people to execute your plan? Structured communication...

We live in an era of massive change. Even more than your competitive advantage, what matters today is how fast you can evolve The problem...

Good ideas shouldn’t remain dormant. Influence is the link between good ideas and real impact Behavioral and evolutionary psychology have...

Leading in a more inspiring way

How can you do more with less time? This course explores behaviors and mindsets that help participants accomplish more. In this journey...

The ability to develop the team through frequent and high-quality feedback is a characteristic of great leaders and high-performance teams...

Excellent people management skills are the basis for a more inspiring leadership. In this course, participants will improve their management...

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